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Welcome to Briggs Chaney Middle School.

If you are not sure if  Briggs Chaney Middle School is your home (neighborhood) school, please click on the icon below to locate your home school based on your home address

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Transferring from an international school

Students who have not attended a U.S. School anytime during the prior two years should contact the MCPS International Admissions and Enrollment at 301-230-0686 to begin the enrollment process.

All parents/guardians enrolling students (new or reentering MCPS) must provide verification of student's age, student identify, parent/guardian identify, residency, and immunizations, unless homeless.

Email the Registar: Neela Finlay




Parents and guardians must provide proof of residency in Montgomery County to enroll their child/ren  in school.

Documents that prove residency

Home owners can provide a copy of their current property bill; this can be obtained from Montgomery County Department of Finance at 240-777-0311 or at

Renters can provide a copy of  their current lease. If the lease is more than 1 year old, you can provide a copy of your lease and a current utility bill.

If you are living in shared housing, provide a notarized MCPS form 335-74, Shared Housing Disclosure and either a copy of the current property bill of homeowner or copy of lease of renter with whom student and parent/guardian are living and three appropriate supporting documents.

Anyone who is not a resident of Montgomery County who would like to request to enroll a non-resident student in MCPS should contact IAE at 301-230-0686.


If your family is homeless, please call the Homeless Liaison Office at 240-740-4511. You can also refer to the web page for enrolling homeless children.

Filling Out a Medical Form


Parents and guardians should complete the following forms in order to enroll students into Montgomery County Pubic Schools:


Parents and guardians enrolling students must be present and provide the following:


  • Legal identification AND

  • Proof of relationship to student



Students must be immunized in order to enroll in public school.  Contact your doctor for the following form:


You can either print the form above or get a copy from your doctor.  

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